We strictly follow the principles of the AML policy to ensure the safety and protection of our service and our users from possible risks. In this regard, we apply strict verification and monitoring measures for all transactions on our platform, using the leading services in this area — Chainalysis and Crystalblockchain.

The verification takes place in the following categories :
Special Measures
Terrorist financing
Child abuse material (materials related to child abuse)
Fraud shop (fraud shops)
Darknet market (markets in darknet)
Ransomware (extortion)
Stolen funds (stolen funds)
Scam (deception)
High risk jurisdiction (high risk jurisdictions)
Mixing (mixing of funds)

Transactions that indirectly or directly contain funds associated with these categories by 50% or more will be stopped by the anti-fraud systеm. At the same time, it will be necessary to complete the sender’s verification.

In this case, the service reserves the right:

stop the exchange

request from the user the disclosure of his identity, a photo or video of the user against the background of an identity document (passport, id card)

request from the user data on the transaction, both outgoing and incoming to the client’s address

withhold user funds until the incident is fully investigated

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